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Differences in Story Boards vs Audio Script Formatting – Video Localization Webinar 2012 – YouTube.


Yousuf Al Muhamimeed dismissed government claims that women in Saudi Arabia, the largest Arab economy, have an “honorable and protected life,” saying those who make such claims are “detached from reality.”

In an article in the mass circulation Saudi Arabic language daily Aljazeera, he said Saudi Arabia has the highest divorce rate in the Arab world and the number of its spinsters exceeds the combined native population of the UAE, Qatar and Bahrain. His article, published in Al Jazeera and other newspapers in the Gulf kingdom this week, was titled “where will this army of spinsters go.”


Saudi Arabia warned of ‘women explosion’ – Emirates 24/7.

Arabic voice talent, Male, Mounir 

Arabic voice talent, Female, lamiaa 

Arabic voice talent, Male, Iraqi, Izzuddin 

Arabic voice talent, Female, Nasik 

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Mirza Al Sayegh, who for the past three decades has assumed many roles for Shaikh Hamdan, including director of his office, personal adviser and president of Shadwell Farm, knows the inside story, having been actively involved in the complex naming process.

“The Arabic naming process has been adopted for several reasons,” he says. “Number one because Shaikh Hamdan wants to preserve the Arabic language and number two because the names are unique and easy to remember. Number three, some of the Arabic words are very close to the breeding of the horse.


gulfnews : The name of the game.

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First, Antonius’ book was designed, in large part, to rally Arabs to the Palestine cause. In contrast, the changes of 2011 were, at their core, a sharp riposte to ideologues who contend that Arabs only, principally or even mostly care about Palestine. And second, while Antonius’ Arab Awakening was a clarion call for pan-Arab nationalism – the idea that Arabs from the Atlantic to the Gulf share a linguistic, cultural, social and even political patrimony – the events of 2011 have been national, not pan-Arab, phenomena, with Egyptians, Libyans, Yemenis, Syrians and others celebrating their specific local nationalisms, not some abstract trans-regional ideology. So, like the romantic term “Arab Spring,” the equally romantic term “Arab Awakening” obscures more than it explains.


The Arab uprisings, one year on – JPost – Opinion – Op-Eds.

Here’s a Quick Way to Dub in Arabic

Quickest way to handle your language dubbing project is to break it up to its components and seeing if you have the capability to handle all or some of these individual components for various reasons. Most clients give their original English video content and would like a finalized video translation in the target language. Others would like to perform some parts of the steps in house depending on their multimedia needs and capability of production house.

Quick Language Dubbing

  • Script Translation
  • Arabic Voice Talent Casting
  • Language Director, No Autopilot Recordings, Sorry!
  • Automated Dialog Replacement (ADR), Neat Stuff!
  • Arabic Post Production

Leading Arabic dubbing production company provide Arabic voice over with experienced native voice talent, Arabic subtitling, and Arabic translation of audio/video multimedia. The language director will have a good grasp of English to discuss any product names or industry jargon that needs clarification, the Autopilots don’t, Sorry!


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